Christmas Adjectives and How to Use Them

It is not too late to learn some last minute Christmas adjectives.  You may hear them being used during your Christmas celebrations or you may see them on Christmas greeting cards.  Here is a list of some commonly used English word adjectives which describe Christmas, and a guide on how you might wish to use them. More


Learn how to offer Christmas Greetings in English

Every culture, country and language has its own way of offering good wishes and holiday greetings, so with Christmas fast approaching, let’s look at all the ways you can wish people well over the Christmas season in English and the best way to use each type. More

Brush up on your Christmas vocabulary

With Christmas fast approaching, here is the chance to brush up on some English vocabulary for Christmas. More

The most annoying English word of the year

For all of you English students out there wondering which English words you need to spend time on learning, here is small break for you… a few words that you don’t need to learn! More

More than 1 million English words…so where should you start?

A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and Google found that the English language was expanding at a rate of 8,500 new words per year and now stands at 1,022,000 words.  So with more than 1 million words in English, where should an ESL student start?


Fast Facts – 10 Reasons you should learn English

There are many reasons to learn English but here are some interesting facts that might help to encourage more learners. More

Now there is no excuse not to learn a new language!

A new study has found that the brain can learn a new word in 15 minutes – without you even having to try!  Students who were exposed to a made up word which was played to them over and over again formed new brain connections which recognised the new word.  It also found that the brain learnt best when it was relaxed and not trying to remember anything at all!   Maybe those subliminal message tapes that you can play when you go to sleep are not so useless after all 🙂

It does show the benefits of exposing yourself to the language you are trying to learn though – through television, radio, music, movies, chat etc.  Even if none of it makes sense in the beginning, your brain is processing information without you even realising.

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