English App Review – ‘Conversation English’

This is an excellent app for English learners with a good variety of exercises and activities.  Good content and relatively easy to use but a bit on the expensive side. Read more…



English iPhone App Review – ESL Expeditious English – Job

ESL Expeditious English

This is an English as a Second Language application designed to prepare learners for a job interview by offering guidance on the most popular job interview questions and answers used worldwide. 


A Brilliant Update to Dictionary.Com iPhone App

The free dictionary.com iPhone app has already been rising up the rankings with its high quality features including a database of nearly 1 million words and definitions, audio pronunciations, and popular word of the day.  It also works without internet connection.  Now, the app has released a new update which is brilliant for ESL learners…


English App Review – ‘Learn English – ESL’

Learn English – ESL claims to be a “dazzling, thought provoking and fun English Language Learning application for the iPhone”.  However, its basic features and dull approach to language learning does very little to dazzle and inspire…


English App Review – English Grammar in Use

Publisher’s Description: Millions of
learners around the world owe their success in English to the
best-selling grammar book, English Grammar in Use by Raymond
Murphy. With English Grammar in Use Tests you can work on your
grammar skills wherever you are and whenever you want. So what are
you waiting for? Practice makes perfect!

New English Words App – Let’s Find It

Nate Games has launched a new application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which teaches foreign users of any background new English words as well as their correct pronunciation.


iPhone App to Translate Signs and Menus

Apple has released a new app called Word Lens.  It uses the iPhone’s built in video camera to translated printed words in real-time like signs, menus etc.  The application is free but you have to pay for the specific dictionary of the language you would like.  At the moment, it only has Spanish to English and English to Spanish but they say more are to come, so worth a look out!  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-lens/id383463868?mt=8