Answers to English Lesson – 100-Year-Old Whisky Returned to Scotland

Here are the answers to yesterday’s English Lesson – ‘100-year-old Whisky Returns to Scotland’.  If you require any help or clarifications please ask me.

Comprehension Questions
1. (b) Antarctic
2. (d) 2007
3. (b) three bottles


  • 1896 or 1897 – The whisky was made in Scotland
  • 1907 – Ernest Shackleton went on an expedition to the Antarctic and buried several crates of Scottish whisky.
  • 2007 – The bottles of whisky were discovered.
  • 2010 – One crate of whisky was taken to Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • 2011 – Vijay Mallya brought three bottles of whisky from New Zealand to Scotland.

Vocabulary Quiz

  1. He tucked the gloves into his pocket.
  2. His show was a modest success.
  3. Columbus discovered America
  4. That plane doesn’t carry passengers, only cargo.
  5. He drank too much liquor and fell asleep in his chair.
  6. I wish I could recreate that wonderful weekend in Paris.

Focus on Grammar 

  1. flew
  2. studied, returned
  3. brought
  4. buried
  5. discovered, tucked, built, failed

Practice – Sentence Writing

  1. The bird flew above the trees.
  2. I studied for my exams  / I returned a book to the library.
  3. I brought a bottle of wine to dinner.
  4. The dog buried a bone in the garden
  5. I discovered a secret path in the forest  / He tucked his shirt in  /  He built a house in the mountains  /  I failed my science test.

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