English Lesson Answers – Climate Change Impacts India’s Tea-Growing Region

Climate Change Impacts India’s Tea-Growing Region

Here are the answers to yesterday’s English Lesson – ‘Climate Change Impacts India’s Tea-Growing Region’.  If you require any help or clarifications please ask me.

Comprehension Questions

1. One third

2. It will reduce tea productivity

3. 90 years

4. Scientists have observed changes in India’s climate with rising temperature, fewer days with sunshine and more humid conditions.  There has also been a reduction in the rainfall by 200 millimeters over the last 90 years.  There are concerns that these changes may result in a decline in productivity. The tea planters hope that the tea bush will adapt to the changes, but they need more information about the changing weather and what they can do to combat its effects.


  1. cultivation
  2. impact
  3. sturdy
  4. combat
  5. observed
  6. affect
  7. unfavorable
  8. declined
  9. adapt

Focus on Grammar

The director of the Tea Research Association in Assam, Mridul Hazrika, is studying the impact of climate change on tea production.

In India’s main tea-growing region, scientists say tea production is being impacted by climate change.

Planters are optimistic that the sturdy tea bush will adapt, but they are looking at ways to combat the impact of climate change.


  1. reduction
  2. cultivation
  3. production


action act + ion There was a lot of action in the move.
infection infect + ion Clean your cut or you will get an infection.
celebration celebrat(e) + ion Jane is having a celebration for her birthday.
reflection reflect + ion The girl looked at her reflection in the water.
limitation limit + (at) + ion The new law imposes limitations on work hours.

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