English iPhone App Review – ESL Expeditious English – Job

ESL Expeditious English

This is an English as a Second Language application designed to prepare learners for a job interview by offering guidance on the most popular job interview questions and answers used worldwide. 

The programme consists of four units (four separate applications to download at a cost of £0.59 each).  Each application contains five questions, advice on how to answer each one, examples of short and long answers and a recording feature to practice saying the answers and listening back to hear your pronunciation.

The product summary also says that as well as reading the questions and answers, you will be able to hear them being spoken, but this didn’t work for me. I am not sure if it works for others but it would be a shame if this feature were missing as I think it is a nice addition to be able to hear the answers before having the chance to record your own voice.

Overall, the content looks good and the question, answers and advice seem very sensible and helpful.  It is a bit annoying though that the content is divided across four separate applications. It would have been better to combine it all into one application.  The price of £0.59 is cheap but that is only for five questions.  I wouldn’t mind paying £0.59 for an all-in-one application that includes all four parts but I think it is too much to charge that amount for each part. 

The cost and inconvenience of separate parts aside, I think this is a useful application for ESL / English students preparing for a job interview.


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