English App Review – ‘Learn English – ESL’

Learn English – ESL claims to be a “dazzling, thought provoking and fun English Language Learning application for the iPhone”.  However, its basic features and dull approach to language learning does very little to dazzle and inspire…

Learn English – ESL uses a drill-based approach to language learning – you are presented with a new word along with a picture representing the word, you type the new word and you repeat the new word until you know it.  Maybe this method works for some people, but in my opinion it does little to inspire language learning nor does it provide any information about how the words could be used in a sentence.

The vocabulary includes English Grammar (very limited and basic), Greetings, Colours, Numbers, Parts of the Body, Fruit, Vegetables, Food, Transport, Days of the Week, Months, Seasons, Questions, Commands, Continents, Countries and People.  The word list is targeted at beginners of English and would not be useful to students who already have some knowledge of the language.

The cost of the application is £0.99. Unfortunately, I could not recommend this application even if it were free.


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