Christmas Adjectives and How to Use Them

It is not too late to learn some last minute Christmas adjectives.  You may hear them being used during your Christmas celebrations or you may see them on Christmas greeting cards.  Here is a list of some commonly used English word adjectives which describe Christmas, and a guide on how you might wish to use them.

Joyful – very happy; causing people to be happy (“Wishing you a joyful time at Christmas”)

Peaceful – situations, scenes, and activities free of disturbances; tranquil; calm (“I hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas”)

Enjoyable – to receive pleasure from; to take joy in; to use with satisfaction (“Wishing you an enjoyable festive season”)

Jolly – in good spirits; cheerful (“Have a jolly time at Christmas” / “The jolly old man dressed as Santa Claus and wished everyone a Merry Christmas”)

Merry – full of cheerfulness; joyous in spirit (“Wishing you a very Merry Christmas”)

Festive – offering fun; a characteristic of a holiday or festival (“I hope you have a nice festive season”)

Holy – worthy of worship; associated with a divine power; sacred (“wishing you the most holy and joyful Christmas”)

Exciting – causing excitement; thrilling; inspiring (“Have a very Merry Christmas and an exciting time on your holiday”)


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