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Hi Everyone, I have just launched my new website and I am now offering private English lessons through this site.  There are also many resources which I hope you will helpful, including ESL website reviews, useful links, downloadable English lessons, app reviews and, of course, I will still be running my ESL word of the day and English idiom of the day.  I have also set up forums where you can practice your English with other learners around the world.  In the future, you will also be able to access podcasts and video files.

Within the next week, my WordPress blog will redirect to my new site.  Are you currently a subscriber of my WordPress blog because you like to receive updates on new posts?  If so, you can now subscribe to my new site for updates if you wish.  In the bottom left hand corner of the homepage, you will see this box:

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This will be my last posting on this site as all new content will now be uploaded to my new site.

I hope you find it helpful!



ESL Word of the Day – Depend


1. To need the support, help, or existence of someone or something in order to exist, be healthy, be successful etc.  Examples:

The cat depended on the dog for warmth and comfort.

Many women have to depend on their husbands for their state pension.

The country depends heavily on its tourist trade.

2. If something depends on something else, it is directly affected or decided by that thing. Examples:

The length of time spent exercising depends on the sport you are training for.

Choosing the right bike depends on what you want to use it for.

ESL Word of the Day – Moment


A particular point in time.  Example: It was an exciting moment!

Also used to refer to a short amount of time.  Example:  He was here just a moment ago.

Common phrases with the word moment…

In a moment / for a moment / just a moment – very soon (Example: I’ll come back to that point in a moment / Can you come here for a moment? / Just a moment, I am busy.)

At the moment – now (Example: I am busy at the moment)

Any moment – extrememly soon (Example: Any moment now, he will walk in the door)

ESL Word of the Day – Evidence


(Noun) – facts or signs that show clearly that something exists or is true.  Example:  At present we have no evidence of life on other planets;  Do you have evidence that this treatment works?

(Verb) – to show that something exists or is true. Example: The volcano is still active, as evidenced by the recent eruption.

Similar word: Proof

Did you know…?  The word ‘evidence’ was in the Oxford Dictionary’s top 150 most-viewed words last year.

Brush up on your Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Ahead of Saint Valentine’s Day on Monday, 14th February, brush up on your Valentine’s Day vocabulary. These are words that you may hear or wish to use in the coming days.




ESL Word of the Day – Pursue


Meaning 1: to chase or follow someone or something, in order to catch them, attack them. Example:  The police officer decided to pursue the suspicious-looking man.

Meaning 2: to continue doing an activity or trying to achieve something over a long period of time. Example: I would like to pursue a career in politics.

Similar words: chase, follow

Did you know…?  The word ‘pursue’ was the 114th most-viewed word in the Oxford Dictionary last year.

ESL Word of the Day: Anonymous


Unknown by name;  done, sent, or given by someone who does not want their name to be known.

Example: The donor wished to remain anonymous;  The author of the collection of poems is anonymous.

Similar words:  unknown, nameless

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